Jacques Lemans

It is our pleasure to introduce Jacques Lemans, the one only Austrian
watch manufacturer of its kind – present in more than 120 markets.
Furthermore Jacques Lemans can be found on board of 50 international
airlines and in numerous duty free shops around the globe.

London 1-1929

Retro Classic Moonphase 214

Retro Classic Retrograde 213

Retro Classic Retrograde 218

La Passion129

La Passion128

La Passion125

La Passion124

La Passion116

La Passion123

La Passion115

La Passion114

La Passion113

La Passion111

London 1-1902

Liverpool 1-1901

Monaco 1-1866

London 1-1844

Liverpool 1-1799

Lugano 1-1645

Sydney 1-1542

Sydney 1-1540

Liverpool 1-1117