About Jacques Lemans

It is our pleasure to introduce Jacques Lemans, the one only Austrian watch manufacturer of its kind – present in more than 120 markets. Furthermore Jacques Lemans can be found on board of 50 international airlines and in numerous duty free shops around the globe.
Jacques Lemans in one of the main brands in many international watch and jewelry store chains. Jacques Lemans are not an intermediary allowing us to offer premium quality product with excellent value for price ratios. As a full range provider Jacques Lemans able to operate completely independent, fast and according to our customers’ needs. In other words, with thier own production facilities, Jacques Lemans react very fast to market tendencies and is able to create specially designed watches that are up to date with the latest styles. Jacques Lemans ranks among the fastest growing brands in the industry.

Jacques Lemans has four main collections: Classic – with a wide variety of watches where traditional design meets exclusive materials. Sports – with the latest technologies combined with rugged materials guaranteeing functionality even under hardest conditions, innovative design underlining the sportive character of every model. La Passion – highlighted by Swarovski elements, passion expressing fashion watch collection, unique creativity enhancing the charm of both ladies and gentlemen. UEFA Champions League – Since 2010 Jacques Lemans has been partner of the UEFA. From 2015 onwards Jacques Lemans have been offering a white label collection as well as the official “Final Watch” for the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europe League. Both timepieces featuring sophisticated details and the significant UEFA brand elements.
 About Jacques Lemans
 About Jacques Lemans
Jacques Lemans supports the brand with excellent marketing activities including eminently respectable character as brands ambassadors (e.g. Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, Alpine Ski World Champion Anna Fenninger, Red Bull athletes and more). With worldwide prime location product placement, there’s no doubt that the new player in the neighborhood, is Jacque Lemans.
All Jacques Lemans watches are covered by 2-year interantional warranty.
Danny Peiser- Euro-Asia President
Noam Burstein – C.E.O
Eli Cohen – Sales Manager
Meital Naftali – Brand Manager
Elad Lerech – Marketing Manager