Michel Herbelin was a French watch maker who believed in the traditional way of producing watches.
In 1947 he established the Michel Herbelin company which carries his name, as a response to the new mass production techniques which penetrated this industry and threatened to diminish the traditional production methods.

The goal of founding the Michel Herbelin brand was to improve and upgrade the mechanical system of watches produced at that time. The company developed a few technical and esthetic innovations which are used till now by modern watch manufacturers. The Michel Herbelin watches undergo 50 different tests in the production process to make sure that each watch leaves the factory in a perfect quality condition.
Michel Herbelin watches are known for the remarkable quality and elegance, which is achieved by use of clean lines and balanced dimensions.

The French time pieces are original and unique. Both men’s and women’s watches are designed as pieces of jewelry accompanied by the famous Swiss quality. The Michel Herbelin watches are made of stainless steel, gold, palladium and other metals, with leather straps, unique quality metal chains and extra thin hand bracelets. Mother-of-pearl and combination of diamonds and Zircons are used for producing dials of the watches.The Michel Herbelin men’s and women’s watches reflect the changing trends in the wrist watches industry. Loyalty to quality, rich imagination and human emotions are translated into watches design, each watch model being a piece of art.

The Michel Herbelin watches are sold in over 50 countries. Michel Herbelin has become a leading brand in France in the market of prestige watches. One of every four watches sold in this price category is a Michel Herbelin watch.

 Danny Peiser- Euro-Asia President
Noam Burstein – C.E.O
Eli Cohen – Sales Manager
Meital Naftali – Brand Manager
Elad Lerech – Marketing Manager

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