Our history

The Rolex brand was founded in 1908 in England. In 1919 the company’s headquarters moved to Switzerland, where all costs for watch production were lower at that time, including prices on raw materials, precious metals, spare parts and mechanisms.
The Rolex watch manufacturers were the first to introduce waterproof watches, watches with a date display on the dial and watches displaying two time zones. Rolex was the first to obtain Chronometer Precision Certification for wrist watches. Rolex participated in the development of quartz watches (which are very common nowadays) and was the first company to introduce a wrist watch resistant to water at the depth of 100 meter.

Rolex is also renowned for its expertise in manufacturing watches adapted to extreme conditions. For example, the company has created a series of watches for divers, pilots and mountain climbers. Rolex watches have descended to a depth of 10,916 meter below the sea level and conquered the 8,488 meter high Everest peak. Rolex has been sponsoring many famous sports events worldwide, such as Wimbledon Tennis Tournaments, Daytona Motor Races, yacht races, horse races, Solheim Golf Cups etc.
The Rolex watches are made of high quality precious metals, such as 904L stainless steel, 18-karat gold, or platinum. The production process consists of more than 150 stages resulting in creating a perfect protection and resistance to water, shocks, dust, magnetism, heights and other extreme affects and conditions. Each watch produced by Rolex undergoes a strict three month testing process to guarantee the highest quality, performance and accuracy. The most famous Rolex watch models are: Datejust, Submariner, Explorer, Daytona, Yacht-Master, Day-Date President, GMT-Master and others.

Euro-Asia watchmakers are periodically sent to Geneva for professional training and upgrading at the Rolex manufacturing plant.

The Euro-Asia Service Center is located upstairs of the Rolex Show shop in Tel Aviv in Ibn Gabirol St.36 (Corner of Shaul Ha-Melech Blvd, 1)

Danny Peiser- Euro-Asia President
Noam Burstein – C.E.O
Eyal Zamir – Brand Manager
Eli Cohen – Sales Manager
Elad Lerech – Marketing Manager