TUDOR Watches – A Tradition of Swiss Quality Watches in Israel

The luxury watch company TUDOR, is a subsidiary of the luxury watch company ROLEX – the world’s leading watch brand. The watches are made of high quality fasteners and have a durable sapphire crystal.

In 1946, none other than Hans Wilsdorf, a key figure in the world of top-quality watches in early 20th century Switzerland, and founder of Rolex, wrote a statement, introducing to the world, a new brand: Tudor watches, and a new brand strategy.

Hans Wilsdorf intuition was both simple and clever. While the hand watches market was on the rise, the public began to recognize and appreciate products with solid technical and functional features. Thus, the Rolex brand became associated with watchmaking excellence of the highest standards.






With high standards of manufacturing and a successful campaign in the 1950s, TUDOR brand gained much attention and popularity and established the brand lines and character. In the early 1950s, TUDOR launched the TUDOR Oyster model followed by TUDOR Oyster Prince and TUDOR Advisor. The 1950’s watches were accurate, reliable and refined watches, and of technical higher standards, embodying the brand spirit and principles. TUDOR brand became known for quality watches and affordable prices.
















At the same time, TUDOR launched a new project, making a new top-quality diving watch which will be reliable, resilient, water-resistant and reliable for an attractive price. The result of this project was the Oyster Prince Submariner, an innovative watch that paved the way for other diving watches by TUDOR. TUDOR’s Oyster Prince Submariner remains one of the brand most iconic watches to this day.

The origin of TUDOR’s name and icon is the Tudor royal dynasty who ruled over England in the late middle-ages and proudly led the country through the Renaissance into the modern era. The family symbols and badges including the Tudor Rose and royal armor have accompanied the brand on and off throughout the years. Today only the royal armor appears on the watch bezel.
















In recent years, TUDOR introduced a new line of watches named Heritage. The first was launched in the 2010 Basel Watch Show and embodied the two intertwined concepts leading the new line: tradition and technology. The Heritage watches are inspired by TUDOR’s classic models but has the latest technology. Notable Heritage watches include the Heritage Advisor, the Black Bay, Black Bay Bronze, Black Bay Chrono and the new Black Bay S&G. TUDOR has also introduced watches made of innovative material such as the titanium-made Pelagos and the ceramic Fastrider Black Shield.





TUDOR watches are assembled at Rolex manufacturing centers in Geneva, under Rolex’s rigid supervision. TUDOR watches are made from top-quality materials: stainless steel and titanium which are especially corrosion resistant, eco-friendly and durable PVD rubber cover strap, and scratches-resistant sapphire-crystal glass. All watches have an innovative and improved mechanical mechanism, and the watches can sustain the pressure of at least 10 atmospheres (ATM). Over the years TUDOR established the brand’s characteristics of success, daring and resilience. In lines with the brand concept, in 2017 the brand launched new campaigns starring David Beckham, Lady Gaga and New Zealand’s Rugby Team, the All-Blacks. The all-daring campaign is led by the slogan #BornToDare.

#Born To Dare