Euro-Asia Israel

About Us

Euro-Asia Ltd. is a family company established in 1972 by Horst Peiser – a son of a family that fled Germany to Bolivia and later moved to Israel. Today, the company is being managed by Horst’s son – Danny. As of 1975 Euro-Asia Ltd. became the exclusive and sole representative of Rolex watches in Israel. During the years, few more quality watch brands were added to the company.
ROLEX is one of the worldwide recognized leading watch brands. Having been a symbol of perfection, status and prestige since its foundation in 1908, Rolex is a desired wrist watch for connoisseurs of watch-making art.
In 2011 Euro-Asia Ltd. began to import Tudor watches, a daughter company of Rolex. TUDOR brand was founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, who pursued the idea of creating conceptually new wrist watches: high-quality luxury watches which would comply with Rolex high standards, but would be attractively and affordably priced.

Euro-Asia Ltd. is the owner of the prestigious Watch Show boutiques and stores in Israel. Watch Show boutiques and stores are located in exclusive shopping areas: the flagship boutique on Ibn Gavirol st, Tel Aviv, a boutique in Mamila mall in Jerusalem, a store on La Boulevard (Royal Garden Hotel) in Eilat and on Ahuza st, Ra’anana. The location and the unique design of all the Watch Show boutiques and stores provide the best shopping experience along with the same feel as of the Champs-Élysées or other luxurious world famous shopping centers.

Apart from its own Watch Show Shops, Euro-Asia Ltd distributes its imported brands to the network of partner stores throughout Israel. The company’s administrative offices, as well as the Service Center, are situated in the same building as the Tel Aviv boutique. The service center comprises a contemporary laboratory built according to the guidelines and under the supervision of Rolex, Switzerland. The lab is equipped with original Rolex tools and devices, where overhaul service, repairs, authenticity tests and other various services are performed by six watchmakers who are periodically sent to Rolex-Geneva for professional training and upgrading their skills and knowledge.